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Why the Name Moonlight

Updated: May 30, 2022

The origin of the name “Moonlight” begins with the famous Claude Debussy classical piano piece “Clare de Lune”. As a child, I listened to this music before I went to bed dreaming of one day changing the world. I remember having audacious dreams and basking in those dreams before I fell asleep.

It wasn’t until I left Microsoft to write full-time before grad school at Columbia did I know anything about that piece of music. During my writing period, I got the urge to research the origins of this music and learned two critical pieces of information. The first is that Clare de Lune means “Moonlight” in French. This fact inspired my deeper connection to the moon and its symbolism. The second is the Debussy piece is derived from an earlier poem in the mid 19th century by Paul Verlaine. After I read the Verlaine poem, I got full body chills. Like the Debussy piece, the Verlaine poem too spoke to my soul.

Years after leaving Microsoft, I again revisited Clare de Lune...or Moonlight. I decided to begin writing an autobiographical screenplay about my mental health and spiritual journey; a journey that was largely inspired by my dream to change the world, embodied in Clare de Lune, emanating from my childhood dream.

The name of the screenplay, finished in mid-2020, is titled “Digging for Moonlight”. The dream to change the world - at the largest of scale - was the focal point of the main character's desires. There is a happy ending. The main character learns, accepts and embraces the notion that we all change the world every day, by being our authentic selves through the smallest of acts and efforts.

In late 2020, I decided to start a mental health company. After one short brainstorming session, I realized I was digging for Moonlight, this company, the whole time. If I can make a dent in the world by supporting people who are suffering, I do believe that my childhood dreams will come true. They already have…



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