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Full Moon

Our story.

Read below for Moonlight's founding story. 

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Stevie Kane

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Founder and CEO

After graduating from Duke I moved to Seattle to work in Product Marketing for Microsoft where I led the Moments in Time program for Bing. I learned so much during my four years there and I am grateful for the experience, but my passion for understanding the psychology of the mind took me to New York where I studied Clinical Psychology at Columbia. There, I learned that so much of the psychology of the mind pertains to the improvement of one's mental health. Seeking the intersection of my academic background and Microsoft experience, I then worked as a Senior Strategist at Havas Health and You, a healthcare advertising agency. Toward the end of my tenure at Havas, I began to anticipate the mental health ramifications that the pandemic was going to have on our society and I wanted to immerse myself in the field so I could play my part in helping alleviate our collective suffering. I started my Master's in Social Work at USC in August 2020 and graduated in May 2022 while holding two clinical internships and starting Moonlight during this time.


Spend some time on this site to see if anything Moonlight is doing interests you. 


Lindsay Tomson

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Lindsay has shaped her career around understanding what drives and fulfills the people around her. She's learned from some of the most innovative People Operations departments in the world, having worked at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft between 2013 - 2021. She now oversees employee experience programs at a sustainability IoT startup called Samsara, and she is incredibly excited to support the Moonlight mission as an advisor, having met Stevie during their undergrad days at Duke. Lindsay's own experiences with anxiety, depression, burnout, and job insecurity have informed her compassion for this space, but she is on a constant journey of expanding her awareness beyond her rather privileged background.

Meet The Advisors

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Jesse Winter

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After being the leading scorer at SUNY Cortland, Jesse headed to Israel to play professional basketball. Due to a variety of tough factors surrounding his life at that time, he had to leave his dreams behind. There he hit rock bottom, finding himself in a depression. Sticking to the script and scratching and clawing like he would on the court, Jesse fully recovered. Fast forward a few years later, Jesse is the Founder, President and CEO of Level Up LI, a youth travel basketball program located in Long Island, NY which currently houses 35+ teams and thousands of players. In Jesse's words "there is light at the end of the tunnel, just stay the course and level up your game."

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