Community Support, Rooted in Hope.

Inspired by lived experience and backed by science, Moonlight offers community support groups to facilitate you from a place of suffering (in any form) to thriving (over time).

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Join our community.

We are nurturing a community of like-minded people all committed to growing and healing in a safe space.

Our Values.



The fundamental belief at Moonlight is that people can get better. Believe you can go from a state of suffering to a state of thriving over time. You can feel better and you deserve to.



The bedrock of connection, the notion of community interweaves throughout the spirit of the company. As a start, our online community is a great place to learn more about what we're building here together.

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We exist to help you on your journey. Inspiring everything we do are the concepts of mutual support, mutual aid and the desire to help you learn, connect and grow.



Your narrative of yourself is your own to create. Your story speaks volumes and we want to help you hone it so you can find clarity. It's yours to share, but if you want to learn how to share your story, we can help you.



The final piece of the puzzle is love. Love inspires everything we do and is the fundamental energy that motivates us to serve people. We believe diversity, justice, liberation and equity are derived from a place of love.

A starting point.

Before signing up and joining the community, speak to Moonlight directly to get any questions answered and to see if Moonlight's Community Support Groups are right for you at this time.